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While inspirational quotes tell you to just "book a flight ticket, pack your bags and travel the whole world," what they don't tell you is about the many complications in between. Getting a visa, for instance. If you are an Indian citizen, you can't just book a ticket and travel anywhere across the globe. There are some legalities to be done before that. There was a time when traveling abroad meant planning months in advance to deal with the grueling task of acquiring documents and proofs, standing in long queues, and answering investigative questions - all for getting your visa application approved. But boy, the times have changed! Globetrotting to a plethora of countries is now plain sailing, thanks to E-Visa (Electronic Visa). An E-Visa is an official legal document issued by the Immigration Department that authorizes you to enter (and travel) a foreign country. The whole process - from filing the forms to making payment - takes place online and thus, is uncomplicated. Once approved you'll get your E-Visa delivered to your email.

E-Visa Countries for Indian Passport

Malaysia Tourist Visa
Thailand Tourist Visa
Australia All categories
Vietnam Tourist Visa
Cambodia Tourist Visa
Turkey Tourist Visa
Oman Tourist Visa
Bahrain Tourist Visa
Myanmar Tourist Visa
Georgia Tourist Visa
Armenia Tourist Visa
Ivory Coast ( Cote D’Ivoire)
Djibouti Tourist Visa
Ethiopia Tourist Visa
Gabon Tourist Visa
Kenya Tourist Visa
Laos Tourist Visa
Moldova Tourist Visa
Tanzania Tourist Visa
Uganda Tourist Visa
Zambia Tourist Visa
Zimbabwe Tourist Visa